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Summaries, Abstracts & Content Writing

How much time should your staff be spending reviewing, writing, or summarizing volumes of lengthy documents and transcripts? None.

Aptara’s subject matter experts (SMEs) review any kind of documents and extract the relevant information, summarize it (without evaluating it), and deliver those summaries in print, electronic, and mobile formats. Our authors write original content for any medium—print, web, or social media.

Summarizing any content, for any industry

Our SMEs include RNs, MDs, CPAs, software engineers, paralegals and JDs, as well as PhDs in many academic disciplines. They take unwieldy amounts of information and create clear, succinct abstracts and summaries for any industry and any purpose, efficiently and accurately.

Aptara’s syntheses of academic articles, news articles, press releases, and other industry-specific content—print or electronic—provide you with detailed information about any vertical, topic, or company.

We tailor our reports to your specifications for print, online, and all mobile devices. And our abstracts for clinical research articles and patent application documents follow the required, pre-defined structure and organization.

Deposition rendition

We are one of the largest providers of deposition summaries and examinations under oath (EUOs) in the world. Our clients include court reporting companies, law firms, internal legal departments, and insurance companies.

With 250 full-time employees devoted exclusively to our Deposition Summary practice, we handle more than 400 depositions per day and over 2 million deposition pages per year—most with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.

Aptara is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Expert content writers…

Do you need software and procedural documentation for a turnkey or off-the-shelf product or enterprise software served from the Cloud? Our tech writers turn complex operations into accessible manuals and cheat sheets.

…and content authors.

Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. eCommerce sites.

They’re only effective marketing tools if they fully engage your readers.

Aptara’s microsites, customized social media content, and social media campaigns turn followers and subscribers into clients. Our pertinent, targeted social media content invites comments, builds community around your brand, and ultimately drives revenue growth.

Any information, any source, any amount…

Your source files can include paper and electronic formats—even outdated storage formats like tape backup systems.

We guarantee confidentiality for sensitive materials through secure data transfers and strict supervision of our writers.

…for as long as you need us.

Our clients rely on us to handle extremely large, long-term assignments. We can scale up or down as a project’s workload ebbs and flows. Aptara’s dedicated teams ensure that you’ll work with a consistent pool of professionals from a project’s inception to its completion.

You deliver any volume of content. We deliver accurate, informative, concise, incisive, and accurate summaries and abstracts faster and for a far lower cost than you could handle the work in-house.