EBooks allow ePublishers to capitalize on current events

There are numerous detrimental aspects to traditional print publishing, such as the difficulty new authors experience when first trying to enter the industry and the costs of physical printing. Perhaps no drawback is as significant as how time-consuming the process is. Months, if not years, will pass between a book being accepted by a publisher and that work finally being available for purchase in stores.

EBooks do not face this drawback. EBook creation is far simpler and quicker than traditional methods, as is distribution. These benefits can prove extremely beneficial to ePublishers, as they can time the release of their offerings for maximum impact.

This concept was recently demonstrated by Entertainment Concepts Press, as Mobile Marketing Watch reported.

A timely work
The eBook in question, "Anne Hathaway: Why They Hate Her" by Shawn Jackman, was made available on Amazon on Monday, March 4, the news source noted, and will soon be available in the Barnes & Noble and Apple digital bookstores. This date is noteworthy because the book was released a mere week after the 85th Academy Awards, where Anne Hathaway both won the award for Best Supporting Actress and attracted a variety of critics and defenders with her acceptance speech.

Consequently, the public's interest in Anne Hathaway is as high as its ever been. Had this been a physical book, the publisher would have had to set a release date far in advance, and this may or may not have proved optimal. With the eBook, though, Entertainment Concepts had much greater flexibility.

The author, Jackman, has published seven books, but this is his first digital exclusive, according to the news source. He told Mobile Marketing Watch that he has been surprised by readers' reactions.

"What is surprising is that no one is disappointed that the book will only be available in electronic format. I've never seen anything like it as a published author," he said, the news source reported. "Even the opponents of eBooks are starting to capitulate."

EBooks and journalism
As the release of Jackman's book demonstrates, the rise of eBooks can have a great impact on a publisher's ability to market a work. Additionally, eBooks' quicker turnaround time has had a significant effect on published works themselves.

For example, last year Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple published an eBook, "Discordia," focused on ongoing political instability in Greece. Thanks to the digital format, the authors were able to ensure that the information contained was extremely up-to-date. With traditional publishing, the work would have had to go to the printer earlier, making the text itself less current.


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