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EPUB 3 eBook Formatting

EPUB 3 eBook Formatting

Want to add interactive, multimedia-content to your eBooks?

Just when you thought you had it all figured out… a major revision to EPUB, the defacto eBook format standard, arrives.

Chartered with updating the standard, the EPUB 3 Working Group, with members such as Apple, Google and Adobe, has spent over a year debating. The new, expanded version includes significant changes that make enhanced eBooks more approachable and affordable, including:

  • More rich media enhancements (audio, video)
  • Now based in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Better support for fonts, styling and languages
  • JavaScript for interactivity
  • Greater flexibility for references and linking
  • Broader support for metadata

The improved standard raises many questions for publishers, such as “Is EPUB 3 backwards compatible with our EPUB-based eBooks? Are the eReader manufacturers supporting the new standard? How will it affect our customers’ reading experience?”

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