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Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks

Transforming content for new media

Interactive eBooks leverage the latest mobile and graphic technologies to take readers beyond the printed page with captivating interactive experiences that deepen the impact of the written word.

From textbooks to romance novels, medical journals to software manuals— consumers’ expect ever greater levels of engagement with their mobile content.

Aptara’s eBook Design & Build Center

Aptara’s pioneering eBook Design & Build Center was opened in 2011 to provide the industry with the unique digital skills and operational scale to meet the most demanding interactive eBook projects. The center employs hundreds of content architects, instructional designers, interactive designers, and CSS and HTML5 experts who have created over 250,000 interactive eBook pages.

Interactivity Examples

eBook Interactivity examples

Since the advent of eBooks, Aptara has led the way in transforming traditionally-published content into exciting new interactive eBooks that convert casual readers into loyal digital customers.

Contact us today to discover what interactive eBook platform is best suited for your content:

  • Inkling
  • iBooks Author, or a
  • Custom HTML5 solution

Aptara. Your go-to design and build partner for interactive eBooks.

Infographic: How to Produce an Interactive eBook

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