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Copy Editing

Copy Editing

Rigorous scrutiny with respect for the writer’s voice

Quality writing has a distinctive “voice” that brings life and personality to its subject matter. But errors in your content’s spelling, grammar, logic, or structure can detract from that voice, its meaning, and presentation.

Aptara’s seasoned editors apply rigorous scrutiny while preserving the voice and ensuring stylistic consistency.  We understand that our customers trust us with more than just content; they trust us to maintain the quality standards of their key revenue-generating assets.  Our professional editors have extensive experience in the scientific, technical, medical, social sciences, and humanities fields.

Core service

Aptara copy editors rigorously follow a publisher’s house style sheet or alternatively, create their own style sheet and apply copy editing best practice and good judgment to achieve stylistic consistency and accuracy throughout a publication.  Our standard copy editing functions include corrections for:

  • Spelling, including British and American English
  • Grammar, including rephrasing sentences by non English-speaking authors
  • References and footnotes, for technical accuracy and placement of citations
  • Captioning to match figures and tables, and type-marking for mathematics
  • Consistency, to ensure that author usage and all elements of a manuscript are properly presented


All copy is paired with the appropriate editing experts by matching your content type with our editors’ wide-ranging subject matter expertise.  Our editors begin by reviewing your entire document or manuscript to understand its intent and discern its voice. Then, every word, phrase, paragraph, and element is examined in multiple passes.  Is the writer’s meaning clear?  Would a different word be more effective?  In the end, our editors always defer to the author as the final authority.

Our goals are to:

  • do no harm
  • make only defensible changes
  • query appropriately and respectfully


For the ultimate in flexibility, your content can be processed using Aptara’s PXE Digital Publishing Platform™, ensuring that your final deliverables are quickly and easily repurposed for any output, from print product to eBooks on mobile devices, and that content is production-ready for next-edition revisions.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Content that does not comply with accepted style guidelines
  2. Lack of in-house editorial staff to prepare content for publishing
  3. Misspellings and typographical errors that diminish the credibility of a published document
  4. Inability to produce accurate, engaging text for a variety of formats, both digital and print


  1. Consistently high-quality published content
  2. Reduced production cycle times
  3. Optimized production costs and operational efficiency
  4. Ability to store, manage, search and dynamically deliver content with unprecedented flexibility

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