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TEDtalk: Is Knowledge Obsolete?

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 8th Jun 2014

Albert Einstein was right: imagination is more important than knowledge. In fact, the Internet has so commoditized knowledge that it’s becoming obsolete.

Knowledge is so dynamic and accessible, that memorizing facts is no longer a differentiator. But if knowledge is changing too fast and becoming less important, what do we teach our children?

The answer: we teach the skills to access, assess, and apply knowledge—flexibly and creatively.


Latest Thinking

A Plea: Let Some Ebook Data Flow

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 7th Jun 2014

Historically, when all others are concentrating on lowering costs, quality wins.

Publishers with a laser focus on improving the reader experience win over those focused on saving pennies per page. There is an appetite for quality enhanced ebooks at a premium (e.g. audio books, companions).

But it’s not necessarily about simply improving the multimedia experience. The best way to improve revenues, stickiness, and loyalty has always been to ask the customer. Customer data is the best indicator of what does and doesn’t work.


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If Content Is King, Context Is Queen

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 2nd Jun 2014

Given my background in both the venture capital and publishing worlds, I’m routinely asked by information providers of all types what their companies should be investing in today to prepare for the future.

And I routinely reply: “smart content.”

Smart content is the antithesis of static text. It makes any type of content—from fiction to corporate courseware—more valuable.

Not-so-smart content


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Today’s New Learning Strategy. Are You Ready?

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 1st Jun 2014
Build it and they will come, but how? 
One of the most difficult tasks in developing a strategic learning road map is understanding the key areas of learning impact. With the evolving changes in the learning and performance marketplace, it is more challenging than ever to understand how all of the critical components align to ensure stability and meet the increasing demand for performance-driven results. 

David George

David joined Aptara in 2010, bringing 28 years of publisher-side experience as a managing editor with the IEEE, John Wiley & Sons, and Pearson Education, and as the director of business operations for Bloomberg Press. He oversees all aspects of Aptara’s global copyediting program. Based in New York, he conducts individual and group training sessions at three copyediting locations during 30-day rotations to India. He is also responsible for all testing, recruitment, and hiring of copy editors, as well as the creation of all testing and training materials.

The proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders makes it challenging to satisfy growing appetites for smart digital content.


If you’re under pressure to improve both organizational performance and  ROI, you need an experienced partner with expertise in every aspect of corporate learning and performance.


A new world of eReaders, tablets, and smartphones is challenging companies to produce engaging digital content drawn from all corners of their organization—and deliver it to consumers on any or all of their mobile devices.


It’s challenging for companies to provide, manage, and scale content-intensive processes that require special training and expertise.


External customers. Internal customers. Your business depends on both. The quality of your brand extends beyond your products and services to a customer’s every interaction with your company.

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June 2, 2014

Michelin to Red Bull: Making Millions with their Content

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR. Join two experts as they discuss how companies like Michelin, Red Bull and Domino’s executed smart content marketing strategies that transformed their customer journey, yielding millions in shareholder value. Free to attend. Register now

Compelling branded materials such as mobile-ready magazines are emerging.
September 29, 2014

Creating compelling informational materials that draw eyes to a business has been a priority since long before the dawn of digital content.

Mobility is becoming a natural office feature.
September 29, 2014

What does the office of the future look like? Ask 100 professionals this question, and you'll get 100 answers, but the general consensus seems to involve a lot of iPads.