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Aptara regularly hosts webinars and seminars, and participates in the content and business solutions industries’ most important trade shows. Preview our calendar and pay us a visit.

Online | July 29, 2015

This one-hour webcast, with client case studies and survey results, will examine the strategic approach to developing and growing Learning Ecosystems. The discussion will focus on new strategies that address key components of an ecosystem, current industry trends, improving organizational effectiveness, and driving high-impact performance improvement for industry leaders.

Kelly Lake, a 25-year industry veteran and Aptara’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Solutions, will address how strategic decisions impact the learning landscape to cultivate a continually growing and adaptable learning and performance ecosystem. Organizations are rapidly adjusting to meet learner’s needs through ever-changing learning styles while adapting to technology challenges. It is essential to understand the components and growth strategy needed to design and build a successful and scalable Learning Ecosystem.

Join us Wednesday, July 29, for a deeper understanding of building a holistic and sustainable Learning Ecosystem blueprint for your own organization.

In this session attendees will understand:

• How performance improvement drives the growth plan for Learning Ecosystems.

• Why Learning Ecosystems expand to reflect business growth.

• How a well-defined learning strategy connects learners for a cohesive environment.

• The impact of generational learning on learning strategy.

Las Vegas | September 30, 2015 to October 1, 2015

Innovation exists at the intersection of invention and value. But innovation doesn’t happen on its own—you have to make it happen, taking advantage of today’s cutting-edge technologies. DevLearn 2015 will inspire the innovator in you to discover what technology makes possible for learning today and to examine and experiment with all the growing opportunities for tomorrow.

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