Smart content solutions to complex content puzzles for professional content publishers

Online journals, open access journals, dwindling subscriber bases, and stiff competition for content have reshaped the professional publishing landscape and left no room for budgeting errors.

27 years and counting…

Aptara’s first clients were academic and STM (scientific, technical, and medical) publishers, and professional journals and books have remained central to our business for over two-and-a-half decades.

We are industry-acknowledged experts in content production, conversion, XML, and semantic tagging; thought leaders in content technology development; innovators in digital-first workflows, journal enhancement, and multi-channel delivery automation; and specialists in math, science, and complex data-driven publishing.

Smart content

Discoverability and multichannel delivery add the kind of value that can boost revenues with increased subscribers and decreased production time and costs.

Our consultative services yield the right decisions about which digital paths to follow to get your content enriched, searchable, and in your readers’ hands—or on their mobile devices—accurately and fast.

+ added value…

In addition to content and production services—from copyediting and graphic design to composition, proofreading, and production editing—Aptara’s Professional Publishing practice provides subscription and author management services as well as submission and peer review management software.

– added costs…

For professional publishers to remain competitive, they must decrease their costs and time to publication while preserving the ethical peer review and editing processes on which their reputations and credibility are built.

= > profitability

Aptara’s scalable, affordable, time-proven professional publishing services and time-saving automation tools mean you don’t have to increase your staff or costs to increase your readership and bottom line.

The A-to-Z content lifecycle

A partnership with Aptara means you can rely on us to handle any—or all—of your content-related services. That leaves you with the time and budget to focus on the quality of the content itself.