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Adobe among software companies rolling out updates

New software updates demand systems training to optimize their use.

The need for systems training comes from multiple factors. Not only are companies always bringing in new personnel who need to learn the systems in place, the software they will be tasked with using is in a constant state of development as well. New releases can change the functionality of office tools in ways both large and small, and not having any educational programs to deal with this movement can lead to disappointing performance of everyday tasks. With each announcement of a new solution's debut, it becomes clearer that leaders have to be on the ball to keep their teams ahead of the curve.

Adobe Creative Cloud receives updates
When one piece of software is altered or patched significantly, this warrants a reaction. When a whole suite undergoes changes, the urgency is increased. CIO Today recently reported on the updates coming in the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is already available for users to download. The source explained that such cornerstone design software options as InDesign, Illustrator and the ever-popular Photoshop were included in the upgrade. In addition to these refreshes, there is now a whole new version of the suite that incorporates important enterprise IT features such as security and administrative options.

"Systems training may be especially important today because modern software is based in the cloud."

Employees around the globe will doubtless be taking on these latest versions of the Adobe solutions. What will they find when they log into their accounts? The news source explained that the quest to include more mobile features is the most notable element of the changes. Users have access to a host of new applications designed for their mobile devices, to ensure they have an optimal experience on the go and connection with their desktop operations.

The expansion of traditionally PC-based software into the mobile realm could be one convincing case for the use of systems training. After all, no matter how intuitive the new workflows are, they will be different than what workers are used to. There's no need to lose effectiveness when there are programs available to teach teams new techniques. Systems training may also be especially important today due to another feature of modern software - it is based in the cloud.

CIO Today explained that the new version of Adobe Creative Cloud is available immediately, as the tools are centrally hosted. The days of picking and choosing when to move to a new version of a tool are over: When the software developer hosting a tool flips the switch to the new version, users see the changes. Holding out isn't an option in the public cloud - they'll have to face the new options, ideally with training to handle them.

Cloud-based and mobile software options make systems training more important.
Cloud-based and mobile software options make systems training more important.

Being ready for the cloud
The rise of cloud software means businesses will feel an increasing need for systems training, and that cloud progress seems unstoppable at the moment. Entrepreneur noted that Microsoft, the most ubiquitous name in enterprise computing, is inexorably making its own way into the cloud and mobility. It accomplished this through a partnership with leading cloud-based software provider Salesforce, proving that organizations are willing to enact major shake-ups to get with the program and join the cloud revolution. Companies that aren't ready to use and adapt to the software tools that come out of these new priorities may be blindsided by them.

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