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Critical content and technology projects to outsource

App development and digital content projects should be outsourced to companies that specialize in providing innovative IT solutions.

Outsourcing digital projects and IT services has become a mainstay among today's organizations. The world of content and technology is ever-evolving, presenting companies with a vast array of tools and solutions for reaching consumers and enhancing both their communications and performance. However, given the rapid acceleration of the field, many businesses are finding it difficult to adapt to the changing technologies. Limited in time, skills and resources, an increasing number of corporations are turning to third-party vendors to handle their digital content and application development needs.

As Henny Kel pointed out in a collection of research findings, outsourcing has become one of the biggest growth hack strategies among organizations, with nearly all, or 90 percent, of businesses agreeing that it is a crucial aspect of their expansion strategy. Furthermore, nearly 27 percent of companies cited cutting costs as their reason to outsource and 37 percent do so because it enables them to leverage the innovative skills and expertise of the supplier. Most impressively, though, is that outsourcing can help reduce as much as 60 percent of overhead costs.

And while business process outsourcing is a viable strategy for organizations to use, there are certain functions that, due to their high demand and high return on investment, are especially beneficial to outsource, particularly those having to do with IT and digital content development projects.

Leveraging innovation while reducing costs
Among the most common is application development. A report recently published by Computer Economics revealed that 59 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses outsource at least some of their app development projects, whereas nearly 70 percent of large corporations do the same.

"Outsourcing IT projects fuels growth, opportunity and innovation."

Hiring a company to handle app development, as well as other IT services, is a wise decision, considering the intensive technical programming and software engineering skills needed to design, develop and maintain them properly. Many organizations don't have this talent in-house, so outsourcing offers a cost-effective way to ensure their business applications are created and executed using industry best practices.

Another service businesses are leveraging is outsourced digital content development and production. In today's highly digitalized world, making sure content is interactive, adaptive and optimized for multichannel delivery is of the utmost importance.

Third-party technical expertise
Digital content needs are accelerating at a rapid pace; it is not just about finding the time to write and publish the material anymore. Now, marketers must make sure that their communications are built on software platforms that allow for seamless distribution and translation across all devices, browsers and operating systems. Outsourced content production provides organizations the ability to convert outdated, static materials into intelligent and engaging digital assets that can be reused, adapted and customized on an as-needed basis - something they wouldn't otherwise be able to do without the high level of technical skills and cutting-edge tools and technologies leveraged by third-party providers.

As the digital content landscape continues to evolve and expand, it is going to continue to become increasingly pertinent for companies to partner with a technology services firm that can guarantee the consistent delivery of innovative solutions.

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