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Employee training goes online, saves money

E-learning has arrived, and the benefits are real.

It's important for business practices to evolve with the times. Leaders who think they are making safe, solid decisions that will keep their companies in contention may actually be causing those organizations to fall behind their more ambitious competitors. Technology is the most obvious impetus for change, as new processes are continually debuting and unlocking new possibilities. As such, decision-makers should ensure their offices are fully on board with the latest tech products. If not, that is a clear indication there is room for improvement and advancement.

"From mobile apps to cloud-based platforms, the possibilities are exciting."

Employee training courses have recently made the decisive leap to a digital model, meaning that leaders whose companies have not followed this trend may be missing out on direct benefits. From mobile apps that go everywhere with users to cloud-based platforms that affordably host classes for whole companies' worth of pupils, the possibilities of eLearning solutions are exciting.

The bottom line
A recent piece by contributor Roz Bahrami explained some of the major financial advantages of making the jump to eLearning instead of sticking with the outdated classroom model. These are important benefits for decision-makers to learn and internalize, because they go beyond hypothetical or long-term advantages and put eLearning's effects in stark terms: Digital learning saves money now.

For instance, Bahrami highlighted the logistical advantages that come from online training courses. All the old costs of getting an educational session together - transporting employees, paying teachers by the hour, even spending on meals - are wiped away. Furthermore, whereas a professional missing a lesson on the old model would cause problems and incur further costs, a flexible online platform enables workers who are sick or dealing with personal matters to catch up with the course on their own time. The more staff members a company has, the better these savings opportunities become. Coordinating a huge number of professionals is much easier when these workers don't have to share physical space.

"An eLearning course provides better value for the money than traditional alternatives."

The content that goes into an eLearning course provides better value for the money than traditional alternatives, according to Bahrami. She specified that it takes only a small capital outlay to ensure there are updates to lessons and the course reflects the current state of the art. The author suggested that it's normal for organizations to receive 90 percent return on their time and money investments once learners have access to the eLearning materials. With this information widely available online, a huge number of employees can benefit, increasing the value side of the equation.

Millennial approved
A recent Globe And Mail report explained that young people in the workplace appreciate the new wave of technology that has appeared to help them. Of course, aiming at this tech-savvy demographic means not just going digital but creating advanced content that workers want to interact with. Financial services employee Stephanie Chow told the source that eLearning is progressing beyond solutions that involve irritating audio and clicking through endless screens - or at least it should be. Today, features such as mobile learning apps and video content have turned online training into a sound way to deliver information to employees of all generations at a reasonable cost.

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