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Microsoft updates point to need for systems training

Are enterprises ready to train their workers in the latest software? Because it's here.

When it comes to training employees today, technology is one of the most important areas for companies to focus on. This is for a variety of reasons, including the centrality of tech tools to the office experience and the fact that these systems undergo frequent updates. Workers have to be fully literate in the software and hardware they use every day - if they go too long without actively learning about the latest updates to their preferred systems, they could be missing out on opportunities to increase their productivity many times over.

Fortunately, eLearning solutions have become sufficiently advanced to provide the type of learning experience professionals need. Systems training is ready for its moment in the spotlight, and none too soon: Major software providers such as Microsoft are set to debut critical updates to their most central and fundamental products.

Windows 10 for business
Will Windows 10 make a splash in the enterprise world? This is a valid question, as some leaders have thus far chosen to stay with older versions of the operating system - in some cases even keeping their users in the Windows XP ecosystem, even after official support ended. Staying current is a good practice from a security standpoint, as the latest operating systems are the ones that receive updates. Sure, at least the IT department and probably the whole company will need to become acclimated to the new system but, with the right systems training programs, this is possible.

Upgrades are in the pipeline for both software and hardware.
Upgrades are in the pipeline for both software and hardware.

As Tech Radar reported, there are plenty of features coming to ensure leaders upgrade. The news source explained that there is a greater deal of control coming to the IT department. Now, administrators get to decide when newly released browser features go out to the workforce, allowing them to coordinate these roll-outs to suit the company's preparation for them. This excludes security updates, of course, which would still go out to the workforce on a predetermined schedule.

"Microsoft's software products are important cogs in the business ecosystem."

The news source also pointed out that there will be free access to some software components under the new model, replacing the paid versions from earlier iterations of Windows. These include the Desktop Optimization Pack, given to customers who upgrade their previous generation software or new users who sign on for their offices. Included in the pack are data protection tools that can manage and recover information stored by the business. These types of products are important cogs in the business ecosystem, and with more companies about to gain use of them, training is cast into relief.

More Microsoft news
Underlining just how many new features and capabilities are coming to the Microsoft ecosystem, InformationWeek published a roundup of news about the Redmond software giant. For instance, the company detailed new updates to how the popular Office 365 suite of software works. Now, there is an on-screen pane devoted to alert messages and one for adjusting the settings, as well as an improved help interface. In addition, InformationWeek noted that Microsoft is ready to sell a whole new office productivity device, the 55-inch or 84-inch Surface Pane, a touch screen meant to coordinate in-office work or improve telework. From software to hardware, upgrades are in the pipeline.

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