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Mobile evolution marches on via new device announcement

The latest releases from the main tech hardware producers have a great deal of meaning for content developers. The challenge facing these professionals involves creating the most suitable possible materials for each device, items that will look good on screens and not cause viewers to walk away. This means that changes in the operating system balance of power are relevant, as are the debuts of new sizes and shapes of smartphones and tablets. Mobile content development is a field with shifting objectives, which means that each time the top industry businesses begin the hype machine for a new handset, it's time for creators to take notice.

Unveiling the Galaxy S6
Along with Apple, Samsung is one of the leading producers of smartphone hardware. Its Galaxy line is one of the few that can compete with the iPhone's exciting profile among consumers. The announcement of a new iteration is a notable event, one that will set the tone for what a huge segment of the population will carry for the next year. PC Magazine recently reported on the debut of the Galaxy S6, describing the features that will soon be cropping up across the phone-wielding world. Planning for these innovations could make for effective digital materials and Web applications.

The source noted that the S6 has a companion device, the S6 Edge, which sports a screen that spreads beyond the face of the device and curves around the sides. This is a form factor addition that could change the way other phone developers use screen real estate. Provided it catches on with users, developers will realize their customers are open to new display shapes. PC Magazine explained the new screen is also sharper than what has been seen from previous generations of the same device. It now displays 577 pixels per inch, and content developers can safely file away display sharpness as a feature that is still a priority in hardware.

According to the news provider, there is a significant change within the hardware as well - the processor is now manufactured by Samsung itself instead of a third party. This is the first time a device sold in in the United States has shipped with a Samsung processor and the source speculated that it will be capable of impressive speed. There is no way to exactly evaluate the specs just yet, as the company did not divulge the exact details of the new chip on the record. In terms of hardware upgrades, however, the Galaxy's refit seems significant.

The Apple response
In an interesting twist, Forbes recently reported that Samsung may end up providing advanced processor chips to Apple for the next generation of the iPhone. The source noted it is not unprecedented for the two companies to work together on hardware, but that Apple decided to mostly work with others for the most recent iPhone. The source speculated that the benefits of the new 14 nm chips presumably going into the iPhone 7 must be great, as such a deal would mean ceding some supply chain autonomy to a rival company.

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