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Windows 10 is coming, software training should follow

Window's 10's release is a great time to think about the importance of systems training.

When new technological solutions aren't accompanied by matching IT training sessions, major problems may occur. Whether users are just missing out on a few efficiency features or - in much more serious cases - neglecting important security procedures, workers who have not been briefed on the latest software are getting only a partial experience. Some leaders may protest that the cost of application training for the whole workforce is a prohibitive factor, but in the age of eLearning solutions, the price has plummeted. Without the need to gather pupils in the same room at the same time, courses gain a new flexibility that will doubtless make them more accessible.

Microsoft levels up
The launch of Windows 10 is imminent. Soon, users of previous versions will have free access to this new operating system, which serves as an apt demonstration of the need for software training. Any new features introduced in Windows 10 may go to waste unless workers have been trained in how they work and how best to integrate them into their specific duties. Considering the huge amount of offices worldwide running Windows PCs, this new launch promises to have repercussions across the business world. What form those effects take may come down to how hard leaders focus on systems training.

"Windows 10 comes with a decade's worth of updates and patches from Microsoft."

Forbes contributor Amit Chowdhry recently highlighted the fact that Windows 10 comes with a decade's worth of updates and patches from Microsoft, with security fixes and potential feature upgrades both included in the package. Chowdhry explained that some devices will receive specific applications based on the hardware they have available. Those differences are likely to be very wide, as Windows 10 is notably set to be available on mobile devices as well as PCs, moving away from the previous policy of releasing compatible but different Windows versions across hardware profiles. The exact types of capabilities to be added over the years remain to be seen.

Chowdhry noted one quirk of Microsoft's Windows 10 update policy that may be especially relevant to those planning software training curricula: New patches will be mandatory. Without the ability to hold back new features and software versions, IT departments will be under especial pressure to keep users current and aware of the new capabilities at their fingertips.

Fortunately, with eLearning programs, lessons can be developed and delivered efficiently. Attempting to train a workforce on new, small updates to Windows functionality would have been financially ruinous in a strictly in-person training system.

"The switch to version 10 should be simple and hassle-free."

Time for a change
While not every company went along with upgrades to Windows Vista, 7 or 8, making the jump to Windows 10 is set to be easy. Business Insider recently reported that new PC manufacturers are installing the new operating system on machines rolling off the production line. The news provider also explained that the switch to version 10 should be simple and hassle-free for computer users with Windows versions 7 or newer. Business Insider added that this is the 20th anniversary of Windows 95, and Microsoft is hoping for the same kind of era-defining movement with its latest offering. If enough offices and home users take it up on its simple, free upgrade, it might come close.

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