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Content Development

Productive. Scalable. Functional. Cost-effective. That’s how our clients describe Aptara’s training solutions. Our clients’ learners call them timely, engaging, accessible, and relevant.

The same training approach does not fit every corporate culture or match every business objective.

Do your learners require a self-paced “click-and-launch” tutorial? A learning portal that links to social media apps? A full-on interactive, collaborative virtual world?

Optimized content, optimal context

Aptara takes the time to learn your business objectives, performance goals, subject matter, and learner populations. We then tailor our suggestions for both the content and the distribution media. Our custom courses are engaging, results driven, and able to serve a wide range of training and assessment needs.

Aptara’s content development methodologies are based on instructional systems design (ISD) theories and techniques that are carefully selected for your learning requirements.

Multiple channels, multiple formats

Mobile and adaptive learning are now fundamental to anytime/anywhere learning. Our learning specialists rely on the cutting-edge design techniques specific to your industry to develop training content for multiple channels.

And we support cross-media training needs through:

  • Converting instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual classroom training (VCT) to multichannel formats
  • Interactive eBooks, job aids, and student/instructor guides
  • Mobile technologies and social learning
  • Companion websites and knowledge portals
  • Online technical documentation
  • Mobile apps

We can even create virtual interactive worlds that put your professionals in front of a customer, inside a machine, in a laboratory, or through an application, in just a few clicks.

20 years, 30 languages, and the Fortune 500

If you’re a global organization, the ability to adapt training materials to different cultures and different languages is essential. Aptara’s content translation and localization specialists offer dual-directional translation and voice-over recordings in more than 30 languages.

For more than 20 years, Aptara’s learning and development specialists have designed, developed, and delivered tens of thousands of hours of customized learning content for the employees, customers, and business partners of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Aptara helps you decide what’s right for your company—then designs and creates it for you. Our innovative learning content development yields improved, measurable outcomes; substantial cost savings; and the ability to develop and deliver training more quickly.