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You’ve spent long hours—and a lot of money—on course development over the years. But with a busy, mobile, and perhaps even global workforce, classroom-based training is no longer cost-effective or desirable. Plus, the training materials are cumbersome to update and distribute.

eMigration is the gradual transformation of learning content from classroom- and paper-based formats to online, interactive, accessible worldwide, and reusable digital media. Through eMigration, you can automate the conversion of materials designed for classroom-based training to self-paced, web-based products that are accessible 365 days a year.

Another benefit is that digital content can be easily repurposed.

Right content, right learners, right devices

Instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) make sense for many clients; computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT), for others. Our eMigration solutions make it easy (and cost-effective) to distribute, update, and reuse learning content—and to repurpose it for delivery in any format, including mobile.

Aptara ensures that your content suits your learners—and your delivery systems suit your content. And all of our mLearning solutions are accessible via knowledge portals, wikis, and electronic performance support systems (EPSS), as well as handheld devices—be it an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.

The benefits of eMigration are enviable: compelling cost-efficiencies, reduced deployment times, scalability, reusability, and 24/7 access. The resulting learning environment will be demonstrably effective, eminently convenient, less expensive, and highly competitive.