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Learning Administration Services (LAS)

Would you like to focus on learning strategy without worrying about Learning Administration and its rising costs?

Aptara, your strategic partner for Learning Administration Services, with proven expertise in building and managing scalable, sustainable and efficient high performance solutions, provides our customers the additional competitive edge needed to further your learning success. 

 Learning Administration is not typically a core activity for most organizations. Challenges to capitalize on effective and efficient support management, cost management, real time performance metrics and process adherence prevents quick response and resolutions for learning support. By partnering with Aptara, organizations are able to focus strategically on their learning strategy while having the confidence for continued performance improvement.

Aptara's End-to-End Learning Services (LAS)

Aptara provides end-to-end robust and performance driven Learning Administration Services (LAS) with expertise to work with 40 different (custom, open-source and commercial) LMSs enabling our customers to realize cost savings between 40-60% by implementing our 24x7 scalable model. Increase efficiencies while saving costs with Aptara’s End-to-End Learning Administration Services (LAS):

  • Needs Analysis and Learning Strategy - audience demographics and geography, business/learner challenges, technology and infrastructure setup, SLA and future requirements
  • Process Design and Change Management - current vs. new process documentation, change and communication plan, technology and workflow integration, risk and change management, process monitoring and upkeep
  • LAS Service areas for global support – onsite/offsite event management, classroom management, user and courseware management, LMS and related technical management, credit tracking and management, troubleshooting end user and client team issues, deployment, administration and testing, analytics
  • Team Transition (Badge & Lift/Rebadging) - evaluate retention vs. rebadge, determine team configuration, execute staffing strategy, team orientation and onboarding
  • Transition and Go-Live - (People-Process-Place-Technology) onboarding and process confirmation, training , QA environment, milestones and progress review schedule, overlap with existing client team, systems/platform changes, go-live confirmation
  • Post Transition - performance monitoring, Help Desk, ticket resolution, status dashboard, stakeholder reports/analytics and reviews, systems/platform changes, customer satisfaction continuous Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction - SLA monitoring/management, customer satisfaction surveys, continuous improvement, benchmarking, stakeholder reviews

Learning Management System

Aptara provides consulting services to help identify and integrate Learning Management Systems (LMS) that best addresses all of your organization’s training approaches, content, and technologies.  For organizations looking at LMS solutions with a highly constrained budget, Aptara has custom or open-source offerings, scalable and robust learning delivery and management solutions. We specialize in customizing and tailoring relevant technologies to meet learning requirements. While customization and integration can be a one time activity, the Administration and IT support will define the durability and efficiency of your LMS which directly affects your Training ROI.

Aptara’s LMS support and Learning Administration Services are the most efficient and cost-effective ways to track, manage, and deliver learning and support. With Aptara’s administration and underlying  Infrastructure Support Services, we ensure your learning strategy delivers qualitative and quantifiable results. More Information