Learning Management System (LMS) Services

The ABCs of LMS

ILT. VCT. WBT. CBT. CMS. eLearning. mLearning. These learning approaches and technologies are more than just acronyms: they are critical to achieving your organization’s performance goals.

Aptara finds and integrates the learning management system (LMS) that best addresses all of your organization’s training approaches, content, and technologies. If there is no appropriate off-the-shelf solution, Aptara can design, develop, deploy, and manage a custom-built open source LMS for your specific needs.


With an LMS comes the maintenance, support, and administration of it—no small task. Handling these administrative services often means staffing up before a large-scale training project and right-sizing afterward.

Our Learning Administration practice provides end-to-end integrated learning administrative services (LAS) that leave nothing to chance. Aptara’s exhaustive offerings include:

  • Registration and scheduling
  • Reporting functions like managing evaluations and user performance surveys
  • Software customization for courseware organization and administration
  • Courseware loading, testing, and management
  • Classroom facilitation (physical and virtual)
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Accreditation management
  • 24/7 phone and online tech support

In short, Aptara provides all pre- and post-delivery support for learner management, administration, and evaluation.


C-level executives don’t merely want to save money on learning strategy; they want enterprise-wide learning that improves productivity and shows up on the bottom line.

Aptara’s LMS support and administration services are the most efficient and cost-effective way to track, manage, and deliver tactical learning and support services. With Aptara’s underlying support infrastructure, your learning strategy will deliver quality, quantifiable results.