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Learning Strategy

A clear strategy with detailed plans is key to any successful initiative. The spiraling rate of technological and workforce change makes such a strategy essential in today’s learning industry.

The interaction of social learning, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology, adaptive learning, global learning, and multi-generational learning add unprecedented complexity to improving performance.

Capitalizing on these modern challenges requires new strategies. The same training models and technologies are simply no longer effective.


New strategies begin with analysis.

Applying a methodology honed over more than two decades of consulting, Aptara investigates your entire learning ecosystem holistically, while simultaneously considering your business requirements, corporate goals, and the ROI you expect.


What approach is best for your learners’ ages, skill levels, and locations? Instructor-led training, eLearning, or virtual learning? Mobile learning, social learning, or collaborative learning? Or a blended approach?

Our learning strategists answer those questions.

They possess more than just methodology, technology, and content development savvy; they bring a deep knowledge of industry best practices based on years of crafting successful strategic plans for Fortune 500 learning organizations.

Their recommendations are supported by detailed, realistic phased action plans with clear milestones and deliverables, arming you with a road map for foundationally transforming learning outcomes, measurably and affordably.


From the optimal delivery approach, technique, and technologies to content development methodologies and multichannel delivery, every element of our strategic plan will be mapped to an overall instructional blueprint for its deployment.

Aptara’s strategic instructional consulting addresses every aspect of your learning organization, from the materials to the training techniques to the method of delivery to the learning management system (LMS) supporting it. No element of your learning ecosystem is overlooked.

Multiple mechanisms, measurable results

The right content. The right delivery method. The right technology. The right strategy.

Collaborating with Aptara’s expert learning strategists yields a comprehensive plan for transformational improvements with measurable, positive ROIs. The outcome is an effective, integral, and agile learning operation prepared to stay ahead of the inevitable new challenges in this dynamic information distribution environment.