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Mobile Learning Technologies

Mobile learning, or mLearning, has been widely adopted to meet the needs of employees on the go. Smartphones, tablets, and eReaders deliver training and knowledge bases when and where your learners want it.

But it’s not enough to create great-looking eLearning courses. They must produce the desired performance results. This necessitates course material that’s engaging and accessible—and meets the expectations of today’s mobile workforce.

Learning + eMigration = mSolution?

Aptara builds, develops, and delivers mobile training applications in all shapes and sizes for Apple, Android, and Amazon platforms. Simple apps that render an eBook course. Cross-platform applications with interactive functionality. And enterprise-wide applications that manage all of your online and offline courseware; deliver it in a controlled-access environment; and track, manage, and report on learner activities.

Whatever your starting point—Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Flash videos, or PDFs—our instructional designers will determine what content best lends itself to a mobile environment. Content technologists then migrate it to the appropriate digital format, or develop a custom mLearning app designed to meet your performance goals.

Practical, inviting, and future-proof

We employ standard, future-proof content formats like HTML5 and EPUB3 so that we can create a course once and then package it for endless mobile portability while supporting legacy browsers and offering enhanced interactive user experiences.

Aptara aligns mobile solutions with your business and IT goals while offering learners optimum accessibility, convenience, and engagement—a trifecta that leads to increased end-user engagement and improved learning outcomes.