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Voice to Text Solutions

Since 2010, Aptara has built a strong reputation by providing premier quality transcription services to court reporting firms, law firms, insurance firms, associations, societies, corporations, and research institutes. Aptara provides premier quality Transcription Services for outsourced Transcription work from anywhere across the Globe.

Highly Skilled Global Team:

We have a global team of highly skilled and educated transcriptionists with diverse professional experiences, which exceeds schedule expectations, saving time and cost.

Proprietary Review Process:

We have deployed a proprietary multi-step review process which ensures a high level of accuracy and quality in all the transcriptions we deliver. We guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy with all the files we transcribe, or we will re-work the files that do not meet accuracy levels. Unlike most agencies, we only have one transcriptionist working on your project at a time, ensuring consistency as well as quality of work.

In addition, our quality check processes ensure we meet your expectations by providing professional, reliable, accurate, transcription services:

  • Legal: Multi-Speaker Interviews, Audio and Video Depositions, Briefs, Interrogatories, Investigations and Pleadings.
  • Insurance: Interviews, Minutes of Meeting and Notes.
  • Research Institute: Conferences, Webcast, Podcast, Speeches and Seminars.

Our Featured Services:

We are a professional and ISO 9001:2008 certified company serving our clients 24/7/365.

Closed Captioning and SRT Transcription – Be 508 compliant

508 Standard



Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation

shall be synchronized with the presentation.

Video files and live audio broadcasts have

synchronized captions.

Video files or live audio broadcasts do not have

captions or captions are not synchronized.


Content presented through video, but not through

audio is provides in an audio description track.

Audio descriptions are not provided for

visual-only content in multimedia.


Whether you are supporting deaf or hard of hearing users, or expanding to foreign markets, closed captions will open your content to a broader audience.

We can close caption your English or foreign language internet video and training video’s making it 508 compliant and easier for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to follow and enjoy your content. We are skilled at internet captioning for varied internet video formats, such as, Flash, Windows Media, RealVideo and QuickTime.

Your transcript will be accurate, with timestamps and all speakers listed. The transcribed audio will be made available in Word, and as an SRT file ready for upload to YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.