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Artwork and Graphic Design

Great design communicates your message

Your content may be perfect, but it will miss the mark if it fails to capture and hold visual attention.  The medium is always as important as the message, which is where Aptara’s expertise pays off for you.

  • Have you ever noticed how your eyes go immediately to photos of people?
  • Do you think about how a typeface gives personality to the text you’re reading?
  • How do graphics make a point or clarify a concept?

Aptara’s graphic designers understand all the implications of these questions and apply their expertise to maximize your readers’ experience.  In addition, we provide complete art and photo services, from concept to execution, including:

  • Photo research and acquisition
  • Asset tracking
  • Art permissions management
  • Repurposing of legacy materials

Our team has deep experience with industry-leading design applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MacroMedia, CorelDraw, Aldus Freehand, Mathematica, and DeltaGraph, to name just a few.  From concept to completion, Aptara delivers the files you need, to your expectations, for all media types.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Flat text that is neither engaging nor compelling
  2. Legacy materials needing careful management
  3. Managing photo acquisition and permissions


  1. Textual content enriched with compelling graphics
  2. The principles of effective design are applied
  3. Use of the right formats and file types