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Content Mining

Transforming raw data into marketable content assets

Mining for highly specific data can be painful, especially in a world where the most valuable content is unstructured and difficult to find.  Yet, in order to stay competitive and grow, you must provide users with ever richer, robust content products.

Aptara’s Content Mining capabilities help Global 1000 enterprises overcome these challenges, and produce new content streams more cost-effectively.  Whether your data are business, financial, technical, consumer, or academic, Aptara’s experts take traditional data mining to a new level.


Beyond simple search and retrieval, our teams consider precisely what your data is, how it will be used, and how we can augment its value in the mining process.  We apply our content mining expertise to scenarios such as:

  • Creating unique company profiles to enrich business information databases
  • Building and maintaining product/service catalog content for online portals
  • Updating dynamic web content to maintain site relevancy for end-users

Armed with an understanding of your business goals, Aptara builds a team of subject matter and technical experts, combined with a customized data mining process, to locate and aggregate target data, and transform it into enhanced, actionable content.  We dig deeper and reach farther to uncover the most valuable information for you.  From Web crawling, to manual research, to phone call validation and online interviews and surveys, our data mining experts go the extra mile to produce the depth of information your competition wishes it had.


Aptara’s data mining teams:

  • Provide a robust and scalable content mining capability
  • Free you to focus on growing your business
  • Provide a far more cost-effective method for achieving your data mining goals

Key Problems Solved

  1. Lack of internal resources
  2. Inability to scale cost-effectively
  3. Limited subject matter expertise available
  4. Lack of structured content mining process
  5. Untapped content-revenue opportunities