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Content Tagging and QA

Enriching digital content assets

Content Tagging

Digital content that’s not searchable isn’t just an underutilized resource, it’s lost revenue.

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, you need to put all of your digital resources to work for you to stay ahead.  Aptara enriches your content by tagging, indexing and labeling electronic content with metadata and other terms that make search and retrieval simple and effective, with highly relevant search results to queries.  Digital content for tagging can come from many sources including:

  • eBooks
  • PDFs
  • Print files
  • Websites
  • Digital journals and archives

Online Content Quality Assurance

With high-volume and/or rapid cycle time publishing requirements, monitoring content quality is a critical challenge. To help, Aptara offers around-the-clock digital content Quality Assurance (QA) processing capability.  We work with you to design a custom QA process that fits your specific needs and integrates seamlessly with your workflow.  We will take your content feeds or browse your website(s) and perform checks such as:

  • File quality
  • Content accuracy
  • Visual alignment
  • Table and figure placement
  • Link functionality

Whatever your content specifications and accuracy requirements, Aptara designs a custom process to ensure they are consistently met.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Lost or inaccessible information
  2. Inconsistent content quality
  3. Unacceptable user experiences
  4. Too many search results from queries to your content, resulting in information overload for your information consumers


  1. More consistent and effective end-product quality
  2. Greater return on your investment in digital content
  3. Improved user experience and satisfaction
  4. Competitive product differentiation
  5. Increased document accessibility
  6. High-quality search results from queeries to your content