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XML and DTD/Schema Design

Structuring content for flexible re-use

DTD and Schema Development

Our DTD (Document Type Definition) and Schema development specialists fulfill needs for both print and electronic publishing.  From analyzing your project requirements to developing, refining, and documenting the DTD or schema, we create well-structured, efficient and dynamic end-products.

We have rich experience with a variety of DTDs and schemas for various document types, including simple ISO 12083 or TEI-Lite, DocBook, NLM (National Library of Medicine) journals and books,  ATA 100 (complex aircraft industry specification), and Ovid DTDs. We also provide schemas using the W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) recommendation and RELAX NG (ISO/IEC 19757-2).

XML-First Workflow Design

Advanced XML workflows allow customers to store, manage, search, and dynamically deliver content to their readerships with unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

Aptara pioneered the development of XML-first workflows for the simultaneous production of high quality content through multiple channels.  Our unique capability in this area comes from over 20 years as an industry innovator in digital publishing, plus the experience gained from helping hundreds of customers achieve dramatic gains in production efficiency and operational costs through the use of innovative XML workflows.