Aptara knows that the priority of all healthcare providers is making sick people well again. That’s why our clients turn the essential but cumbersome and time-consuming administrative tasks that support healthcare provision over to Aptara.

We know healthcare

Payer services. Provider services. Outbound, inbound, and in-process services. Aptara handles the entire revenue cycle. More than 800 healthcare industry specialists and subject matter experts work 24/7 to process millions of transactions and documents per month.

Our payer administration services include claims processing, re-pricing, and adjudication; our provider services range from medical records conversion and coding to invoicing and billing.

Healthcare customer care

Aptara’s customer service representatives answer your customers’ insurance questions. And our skilled healthcare experts can administer and audit any type of health insurance plan: health savings accounts (HSAs), corporate insurance plans, and those purchased through the Affordable Care Act—as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Medical records compliance

Regulation has always been a fact of life in the healthcare industry; the Affordable Care Act is just the most recent example.

Noncompliance can mean costly penalties and have serious health-related consequences. Complying with new regulatory changes can disrupt what once had been efficient compliance procedures—and turn your bottom line from black to red in the process.

Aptara’s Document Processing division is staffed and monitored closely by compliance professionals with ICD-10, CPC and CPC-H certifications. They take volumes of noncompliant legacy files in Q3 and turn them into documents that ensure regulatory requirements and deliver them digitally—before year’s end.

And our subject matter experts remediate legacy documents and guarantee new documents’ accessibility and compliance with Section 508—in nearly 30 languages.

Beyond the back office

Our content specialists design, compose, QA, and deliver compliance documents in any format and deliverable to any digital device. Our automated workflows ensure that they’re processed and filed accurately and efficiently.

Aptara’s learning specialists ensure that your staff remains up-to-date on the technologies, services, and workflows you require via instructor-led, mobile, and simulation-based training strategies. And our IT practice can develop any content technology solutions you require.

Healthy patients, healthy bottom line

We take care of everything from document processing to document management to document compliance. From claims processing and analysis to query resolution. From cross-selling and upselling to policy renewal.

You take care of your patients.


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