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Banking, Finance & Insurance

In banking, financial services, and insurance, information is money. But the volume of information that your company or department must create, track, and process can be overwhelming. 

The undisputed content experts

Whether it’s a prospectus from a brokerage house, a credit card or bank statement for your customers, insurance forms for your brokers, or regulatory filings for the Feds, profitability (and compliance) means getting the right information to the right people when and where they need it: on a laptop, in a browser, or on a mobile device.

Aptara’s comprehensive content services are a single-vendor solution for efficiently transforming, managing, and distributing immense volumes of content.  

We’ve got your back (office)

Aptara has won the trust of financial, insurance, and compliance professionals worldwide; they rely on our know-how to address a multitude of document processing requirements. Those include everything from regulatory filings and risk and compliance solutions to credit application processing, loan boarding, income verification, and other mortgage-related services. 

Our banking, financial services, and insurance clients typically save 25 to 40% by outsourcing their shareholder services and back-office operations to Aptara.

Satisfaction guaranteed

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Aptara’s industry-specific customer relationship management services are not only tailored to your industry, they’re built  to order for your brand. Via phone, email, and proactive or reactive chat, your shareholders, policyholders, and customers will receive prompt, professional, and accurate service from customer care agents who seem like your own employees—but for far less than the overhead of an in-house team. 

Track and they shall learn

Information is knowledge, and knowledge is profitable. Our eLearning solutions make sure your brokers, franchisees, and agents get the materials and training they need; our global management and assessment solutions ensure they took the course—and passed the test.  


Profitable. Scalable. Doable.

Aptara knows big savings is driven by big change. Aptara is expert in the seamless integration of flexible back-office and customer-support services that can be scaled swiftly to reduce overhead and eliminate fixed costs. With round-the-clock service, we can deliver compliance documents in a matter of hours to meet any deadline. 

Information is lucrative

Our clients—publicly traded companies, investment management groups, financial publishers, capital investment markets, insurance companies—are under tremendous pressure to improve shareholder value. Yet there are fewer available channels for generating revenue than ever before.

Beyond reducing your operational costs through new operating efficiencies, Aptara’s expertise improves your customers’ experience. That translates into customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. And that’s the best kind of information money can buy.