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Third Party Due Diligence

Competition, especially on a global level, often requires outsourcing. This brings risk to an organization outside of its immediate control in terms of IT, corruption, business continuation, and regulatory compliance. When your outsourcing partner also works with other firms, this adds yet another layer of monitoring for your organization. Third party due diligence is necessary to avoid critical issues that could affect the profitability and reputation of your organization.

Aptara’s Third Party Due Diligence Research Team:

  • Profiles the third party’s business history, financials, and operations.
  • Identifies regulatory, law enforcement, and litigation history.
  • Researches and interviews key principal’s background, reputation, and ethical track record.
  • Interviews business associates, including customers, suppliers, and bankers.
  • Identifies associations with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • Makes site visits to ensure actual operations match research.

Protect the investment you’ve made in building the trust of clients and your brand.