Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can’t trust just any provider: the services required by your industries are highly regulated. Content and resourcing strategies, document processing, even revenue cycle management must be tailored to meet unique corporate and legal requirements.

Aptara’s 25 years of experience with customized customer care and back-office services powers our work for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We speak your language 

Similarly, providing top-level customer support requires specific answers to specialized questions—often in numerous languages. And many services must be compliant with state or federal regulations, or provided in an ISO-certified environment so the data remains secure.

Beyond the back office

We offer a singular combination of digital content, eLearning, and IT services that gives our customers a proven competitive edge.

Aptara can batch and convert any file format to any other digital format, translate those documents, design and compose them, tag them for compliance, and file them with the appropriate regulatory bodies.

We can help your marketing, labeling, and regulatory reporting remain compliant, and can improve employee performance with engaging eLearning and simulation-based training.


A healthy dose of cost-savings

By providing an end-to-end solution that integrates back-office and customer lifecycle services with your company’s enterprise content management strategies and training programs, we ensure an optimistic prognosis for your year-end financial statement.



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