IT and high-tech companies expertly manage software and product development. But they must contend with another kind of information management, too.

A different kind of digital

Once that meant ink-and-paper manuals. Now it means online documentation and, increasingly, documentation for multichannel delivery that employees and customers can access on a variety of mobile devices.

Content for customer and employee training is yet another type of digital information beyond managing 1’s and 0’s.

Accuracy—or inaccuracy?

Imprecise, cumbersome documentation can mean frustration for your end users and lost market share for you. For highly regulated industries, poor-quality documentation can mean noncompliance; inaccuracies can lead to safety violations that spell disaster.

Customized, quality documentation and courseware can become a new revenue center. But a lack of internal resources can make it impossible to create, manage, and deliver the content your customers need and your clients desire.

A new kind of development strategy

In a competitive and sometimes perplexing digital world, a successful content strategy must be fueled by discerning content development, durable workflows, and razor-sharp technology expertise.

With the right content strategy from Aptara, you can transition to a digital-first workflow, effectively reuse legacy content, and create high-quality training materials and documentation that give you a real edge and take advantage of the convenience and interactive possibilities of mobile devices.

A better kind of digital

Aptara’s advanced information development and management strategies provide easy access to the information employees need, and accurate information for clients and regulators—when and how they want it.