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Control litigation costs. Mitigate risk. Remain compliant. Maximize attorney fees and minimize vendor expenses. And practice law at the same time.

Control litigation costs. Mitigate risk. Remain compliant. Maximize attorney fees and minimize vendor expenses. And practice law at the same time. Easier said than done.

“Do more. But don’t charge more.”

Your clients are increasingly unwilling to pay for routine, high-volume administrative services like deposition summary, contract abstraction, subpoena processing, document indexing, attorney task coding, document review etc. As a result, attorneys face a dilemma: retain administrative staff at the expense of unreimbursed overhead, or reduce administrative staff at the expense of quality and turnaround.

Aptara’s document management solutions and scalable legal support teams can help clear backlogs, mitigate overflow going forward, and reduce the expenses across the board.

No one summarizes more than we do.

Aptara’s team of expert paralegals produce top-notch document reviews, document summaries, document indexes, medical record digests, and audio-video transcriptions—all of which are reviewed by experienced attorneys. Our team of attorneys also produce judgment summaries and deposition summaries, and offer world-class contract review, legal research and legal drafting services.

Our large, dedicated legal practice can provide a 24-hour turnaround for most services. And our controlled-access, surveilled work areas are HIPAA- and ABA compliant to ensure that your data and confidential legal materials are protected and secure.

Data, documents, and compliance

For law firms and in-house counsels, the efficient management of data and information helps control litigation costs and mitigate the risk of counter-litigation. It’s also key for keeping track of contracts, documenting compliance with tax filing requirements both nationally and internationally, and protecting intellectual property.

By turning over your administrative functions to Aptara, you can reduce support and administrative staff without sacrificing quality and turnaround time.

End-to-end solutions

We eliminate the hassle of managing multiple vendors: Aptara is your single expert partner.

Our broad content creation experience allows us to provide specialized, à la carte legal support services: creating trial graphics, presentations, and animations, as well as word processing and proofreading.

And to keep your firm or department up-to-date on the latest court decisions and changes in the law, our Learning & Performance practice can manage ongoing education required to maintain membership in the bar.

De facto excellence

More than 50 customers, from Leading Financial Publisher’s to Nationwide Court Reporting companies use Aptara’s legal support services to stay competitive.

Our scalable services save you money, and our flexible business models turn variable costs into fixed costs.

With Aptara, you concentrate on maximizing billable hours so that your practice really will make perfect—all while lowering administrative costs and increasing revenues.