The twenty-first century’s digital insurgency has sent all types of publishers scrambling for answers to game-changing questions.
What digital products will generate the most profit, and for which devices? How do you untangle inefficient print-based workflows and transform legacy printed content for digital delivery?
Most importantly: Will retailers and search engines rank your publications high enough to attract more readers than your competition?

Smart content, smart technology, smart people

Whether you’re producing a sixth-grade geography textbook, a New York Times best seller, sales training, journal articles, magazines, or business-to-business directories, digital publishing requires smart content, smart technology, and smart people to put it all together.
​Aptara brings you more than 25 years of publishing expertise and subject matter experts who understand the specific workflows and operations of every type of publisher:

We do what we do best—so you can, too

Our core competency is digital content development and content technology innovation. With Aptara, you get back the time you need to focus on your own core competency—content—and your core concerns: brand, product, and audience.