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The volume of documents and information subject to review has grown exponentially in the past two decades. Firms, large and small, can no longer handle the collection, storage, review, and coding themselves and still meet deadlines.

Aptara uses technology to make eDiscovery more manageable, whether you need to collect data from different points across the globe or from a single location. Aptara’s use of machine learning in TAR speeds up the document review process, improves accuracy, and reduces overall costs in high-volume cases. Throughout the process, reporting is vital to gauge the effectiveness of people and processes. Select batches are run by the client to ensure the output is integral in developing the case.

eDiscovery has benefits beyond the obvious – time savings. Advanced search and annotation features, and the ease of converting or merging content are, well, icing on the cake.

Managed Document Review

As part of our eDiscovery solution, Aptara’s MDR team is proficient in document review workflows and technology; maximizing productivity and efficiency. Whether you need to outsource the entire operation or resources to supplement your own process, Aptara can help. Every review is supported by our expert project management, eDiscovery and IT staff, who work in a secure environment as part of our ISO 27001:2013 certification.

How the process is managed is equally important as the speed and accuracy of review. Aptara’s Project Managers oversee day-to-day operations of the review and quality control teams to ensure that coding is consistent and that contradictory coding does not exist.

Maximize efficiencies. Lift the burden off your team. Keep your focus on the case.