Additional opportunities remain for eBook creation

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Additional opportunities remain for eBook creation

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 10th Apr 2014

With tablets, smartphones and designated eReaders on the rise among consumers, the market is growing for eBooks. Whether they're producing novels or creating helpful guides to offer business customers, digital material designers have abundant opportunities to disseminate their materials and take advantage of new technology. According to EContent magazine, industry-watchers can expect to see eBook developments in the news a lot over the next year, especially as publishers take greater advantage of exciting features offered by interactive eBooks.

The new norm: A range of book options
Despite ongoing debates about whether digital materials will usher in the end of the print industry or eBooks are a short-lived craze, consumer trends point to the strength of both the print and digital industries. Referring to a report by Book Industry Study Group (BISG) that indicated eBook market acceleration had leveled off, EContent magazine noted that the situation is not either-or  but both. In other words, customers expect to have their pick of formats and use different types for varied purposes. As children grow up in a world permeated by technology, this new norm will only become more solidified. 

Commenting on news that eBook sales have slowed down, Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director of Digital Book World, noted that the proliferation of mobile devices will likely lead to an enduring, strong demand for digital reading materials, according to the source.

"I think as more people buy tablets, smartphones and e-readers - and more children grow up with digital reading as a normal part of their lives - eBooks will continue to gain market share," he explained.

Making the most of digital technology 
Particularly as consumers become equally comfortable using both print and digital materials, they likely will develop habits and preferences based on what each medium can offer for specific reading experiences. That's why it's especially advantageous for content producers to work with ePublishers that can incorporate valuable features and functionality tailored to the audience and type of material. The source mentioned that many publishers have simply converted print books to digital form, failing to make the most of opportunities like interactive eBook enhancements. Goodread suggested keeping an eye on ePublishers that have made an investment in such strategies.

For example, imagine a cooking eBook that includes media elements such as short videos to demonstrate techniques needed in each recipe. This sort of addition adds value to the eBook, beyond just providing an alternative platform for viewing the information. Other interactive eBook samples include ideas such as travel guides, biology textbooks, history lessons and various learning resources. Features, such as dynamic highlighting options, can make electronic materials just as convenient as print copies while also enhancing them with exciting new possibilities.

By taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by leading eBook technology, publishers and authors can present their audiences with attractive, useful products that are designed specifically for the digital platform. As consumers become acclimated to print and digital options, they'll seek resources that were created in particular formats for clear, intentional reasons. The benefits of interactive, media-rich features can provide a compelling case for choosing digital.

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