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B2B content could be popular with ad-weary browsers

Interesting information trumps repetitive ads.

What's the difference between selling products to B2B buyers compared to B2C consumers? There is actually very little separation between these two approaches. The individuals viewing the materials will still be people with distinct preferences shaped by their environments. In one setting, they are buying for themselves, and in the other for their employers, but the motives and ideals present are similar. Marketing approaches can slip between the two settings based on effective concepts. Leaders working on B2B efforts such as content production don't have to limit the creativity of their work just because it is for use in an office setting.

Content trumps advertising
What is it about an in-depth informational message, delivered via writing, images or video, that trumps ads? As a recent report by The Drum highlighted, buyers today are sick of seeing ads all the time. What they want is rich content, something that will teach them a fact or solve a problem. The source noted that digital content in particular is an area of rapid growth and development. The beginning stages of the model were simple, as the source explained - items such as PDF-based white papers. While those methods worked, technology has marched on, and The Drum attested that media types such as video are now common features of content campaigns.

The spread of sophisticated tech products has had an impact on nearly every part of business over the past decade, and the news provider explained that these items have made companies more able to put their materials in front of a significant audience. Even if some of the most salient information passed along by a company comes in the form of a video element, chances are there will be viewers able to watch the content on the go with their iOS and Android devices. With such capabilities becoming commonplace, firms with no rich, mobile-friendly content may fall behind their peers.

There is only so much time in the day, and The Drum speculated that "busy executives" have become sick of losing hours to ads and promotion. These individuals want to be engaged by interesting materials. The source pointed out that no matter the channel of choice, up to and including mobile devices, there is an opportunity to improve the connection between company and buyer by delivering a worthwhile message. In an era that is buried under piles of advertising, B2B sellers that offer their prospects a different kind of communication may end up standing out from the group.

Following the roadmap
Producing a B2B sale means guiding an individual from early interest to finally signing a contract. As VentureBeat pointed out, firms could benefit from formalizing this "customer journey" and basing all elements of their strategies on the various steps therein. Different parts of the organization can all work from such a blueprint, meaning efforts will complement one another rather than clash. Content deployment is one part of such a strategy, and can fit in neatly with any other outreach efforts companies undertake. The source listed the design of these materials alongside localizing the campaign and building custom tools as important tasks that can be delegated.

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