Businesses benefit from better eLearning resources

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Businesses benefit from better eLearning resources

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 7th Mar 2014

To maintain a competitive edge, many companies need efficient ways to offer professional development and skills training for their employees. eLearning solutions offer exciting opportunities because they're widely accessible and can accommodate diverse work schedules. With the advancement of a range of digital resources, employers can create and customize training programs that enhance their workforce and help them to address challenges in hiring and onboarding.

Robust, agile education opportunities
CIO Magazine described how information technology companies are turning to eLearning solutions to mitigate the challenges of a talent shortage. Organizations often need to bring in the latest skills and knowledge in their industry, but can't always afford to hire new staff or send team members to school to take classes or pick up additional certifications. That's where eLearning comes in: These companies can invest in corporate development and skills training in-house, without significantly disrupting work schedules or projects, which helps enterprises get their workers up-to-speed faster and more effectively.

Custom content and ready-made materials can be a great boon to businesses and their employees. Interactive eBooks and courses can be more enticing than the traditional manual or classroom session, improving engagement levels and comfort, the Times of Malta explained. The training format also offers great flexibility for organizations to adapt to their changing needs, whether that encompasses adding more content to a lesson or broadening a course to include a larger group of students. 

Better resources mean better training
A recent Research and Markets report indicated that the global corporate eLearning market will continue to grow at a moderate rate over the next five years, driven in part by the embrace of tablets in the workplace. However, many companies lag behind on leading eLearning initiatives - CIO Magazine noted that employees, not managers, usually introduce digital learning opportunities, looking for ways to expand their professional development. As corporations recognize the benefit of the resources, they can turn to custom content development to take full advantage of the latest advances in eLearning technology.

For example, Articulate Storyline, an interactive eLearning creator, recently announced innovative improvements in its content development resources. These advancements make it easier for companies to design and launch impressive, successful training programs.

"Our customers can now deliver accessible content, easily translate courses for global audiences, create audio versions for learners on the go and provide an enhanced experience for learners using HTML5-enabled devices," said Arlyn Asch, CTO of Articulate. "And that means that it's easier than ever for them to reach all their learners."

As the Times of Malta mentioned, organizations can see the return on investment for eLearning initiatives in cost savings as well as employee engagement, on-demand learning opportunities, online mentoring and the overall creation of an adaptive, advanced workforce. The source also noted that members of tech-savvy generations, who are gaining a strong foothold in the workplace, have less patience with traditional training methods. With companies already embracing tablets and smartphones for business purposes, it makes sense to offer professional development opportunities on the same devices that employees already use on a day-to-day basis. 

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