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New employee eLearning courses improve onboarding

An eLearning program may be a great way to get new hires up to speed.

The value of an eLearning program is its combination of a persistent need - training for employees - with a distinctly modern sensibility, allowing participants to interact with the materials on devices that make sense to them. Equipped with tools that allow interactive and immersive learning experiences, leaders can improve their connection with employees. When questioning whether such a strategy is a good idea, decision-makers really just need to ask whether their staff members need further education. ELearning solutions are simply a powerful way to get a point across, and they can convey whatever knowledge the deploying company needs to impart.

The case for training new hires
Accenture researcher and Harvard Business Review contributor David Smith recently explained the need for training suited to new employees to ensure the staff becomes a cohesive unit. There are forces going against this approach, of course - Smith acknowledged that it does take money to launch educational strategies and some leaders want their workers to come to them with the knowledge already in place. However, this decentralized method seems liable to create gaps and disparities between what different workers know. This could damage teamwork and overall productivity, which is a troublesome tendency. If distributing eLearning materials is possible instead, it's likely worth considering.

Smith indicated that new hires can gain vital skills that will suit them in the future during training sessions. This may include knowledge that hasn't yet come into its own but could potentially convey a huge advantage down the road. He gave the example of big data, which is set to become a huge differentiator in the years ahead. Employees will thank their leaders for giving them the skills they need - either in their current positions or in any prospective future role - and the companies themselves gain a workforce uniquely in tune with the next steps for technology.

The cost of not training new hires
Business 2 Community contributor Craig Bryant explained that the experience of onboarding a recently hired employee is often completely unsatisfactory, with the workers ending up in a problematic situation dealing with projects left vulnerable by turnover. He stated that this situation could put the new additions off their balance and even pointed to this type of trouble as a cause of frequent departures. If this is the case for a business, it will have difficulty ever settling on a staff lineup. Constantly chasing down new workers and never properly integrating them into the daily life of the office is an unsustainable model, thus the need for helpful training.

Smith recommended working with digital utilities for all sorts of onboarding processes, up to and including training. Though eLearning isn't just for new recruits, it can go a long way toward improving their experience, delivering rich content that can make them feel more welcomed and supported than text-based procedures or, worse, no programs at all. Creating a strong platform that can stay with workers through their whole tenure is a strong move. Great eLearning solutions will both enrich the experience of long-tenured workers and ease the addition of beginners.

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