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PCWorld announces Digital Magazine Enhanced Kindle Edition now available

PCWorld has announced that the interactive eBook version of its digital magazine is now available to Kindle users for the first time.

This version of the magazine, officially designated to the Enhanced Kindle Edition, is specifically designed to take advantage of the digital medium, according to PCWorld. The Enhanced Kindle Edition will offer videos, interactive slideshows, embedded website links to related content and a variety of other elements. Users can explore these features via intuitive gestures and touchscreen capabilities inherent to the Kindle Fire.

Additionally, navigating a given issue is easier thanks to an interactive table of contents and bookmarking capabilities.

The Kindle Edition arrives approximately one year after the release of the PCWorld Digital Magazine Enhanced iPad Edition.

PCWorld's enhanced edition of its print magazine is indicative of two of the most significant trends currently occurring in the digital publishing world. For one, it demonstrates the utility and growing focus on the interactive eBook, which allows for a more in-depth, user-friendly reading experience. Additionally, it is an example of the increasing interest in the eBook format among news and trade publications as they seek to reach out to new readers.

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