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Powerful new data-driven content model coming to B2B

Vital digital information plays a role in the B2B sales process, more now than ever.

Informative content production is uniquely important in the B2B sector. Companies have a lot to prove to prospective buyers, as these officials are in charge of making significant expenditures on behalf of their employers. This means that if content created in the B2C sector is focused on driving sales and entertaining the masses, the B2B equivalent is much more heavily focused on delivering data in a form that will answer questions. Individuals with purchasing authority in the B2B sector are looking for decisive data that will help them make selections and appreciate companies that can deliver this information in a straightforward fashion.

The importance of content
Business 2 Community contributor Ian Dainty recently went into specifics about the reasons for keeping content available. He noted that buyers today are interested in looking for products rather than being sold on these solutions' merits. They will seek out the companies they want to make a purchase from when they have already done the legwork to ensure that choice is the right one. This means the conversation between salesperson and customer has changed completely from an extended dialogue to a final negotiation. Marketers will have to offer something in the interim if they want their brand names to get into the minds of buyers during the research process.

Dainty quoted an Acquity Group stat stating 94 percent of B2B purchasers study their chosen market on the Internet as they get ready to select their next product or service. This means there is a need for online materials that can be found through traditional searches, ones that catch the eye and keep attention but don't deliver a hard sales message that may invalidate the idea that the buyer is doing research rather than looking at ads. Dainty specified that according to Marketing Sherpa, having content is the most important factor in making a website visible to searchers.

While the quest to provide impartial and useful views rather than one-sided ads is important, firms can't forget to brand their offerings. According to Dainty, Eccolo Media polled buyers and found that 73 percent of them will seek out multiple sources of information - between two and eight of them, to be specific. This means a piece of content must not only be easy to find, but also stand out among several similar options. This is hardly impossible but underlines the importance of putting time, effort and resources into projects centered around content creation. If businesses let this slide, they may find their influence decreasing in their own fields.

Investment increasing
With the importance of good content on the rise, B2B marketers have noticed the new state of affairs. According to CMO, a survey by Greenhat and ADMA found 17 percent of total B2B marketing spend is going to content. This was 54 percent higher than the figure recorded in the previous iteration of the survey, meaning there is a growing appreciation for the value a good piece of content can deliver. In fact, three-fourths of surveyed professionals called these informational materials key to their respective strategies. Organizations that don't decide the same could fall behind.

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