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EPublishers should commit to further eBook development, expert argues

Claire Armitstead, literary editor for The Guardian, recently claimed that the quality of eBooks has not kept pace with the increased demand. The writer consequently argued that ePublishers can and should do more to improve the quality of their eBook offerings.

Smashwords founder offers ePublishing advice

Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, spoke with Media Bistro, offering a number of recommendations for writers looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital self-publishing.

New interactive eBook pushes storytelling boundaries

More and more writers and ePublishing firms are heeding calls to advance the interactive eBook. This trend's most recent example may be "The Craftsman" by Julian McCrea. As The Guardian reported, this work utilizes interactive technology to create a unique reading experience for everyone who encounters the story.

Interactive eBook wins World Summit Award for Uganda

One of the most recent examples of an acclaimed interactive eBook is Gorilla Highlands, which received the World Summit Award (WSA) in e-Culture and Tourism for Uganda

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