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Tech paradigm shifts call for IT systems training

It's clear which way IT is going for corporate competitors.

Change and evolution will always be constants in the IT industry. How companies deal with these changes is simply one of the metrics on which they compete. Some industry leaders will be perennially ahead of the curve, ready to engage with customers and staff through the latest solutions. Others will perpetually play catch-up or bet on ideas that never come to fruition. Adopting solutions at the right time and ensuring staff members are ready to use them correctly are important items on businesses' checklists today, and each announcement of a new and bold IT movement affirms this fact.

"Organizations must remain efficient during the change-over process."

Flying into the cloud
The need to rapidly acclimate to new technologies increases when those solutions affect many different components of companies. That being the case, the cloud computing revolution has the potential to be a truly seismic event for businesses. According to Time Magazine, the movement toward the cloud has increased in both its ubiquity and the effect it is having on businesses. The source named 2015 as the point of the change from traditional IT to the new model, with companies finally putting aside the idea that there is too much risk implied when they change their systems over and adopt cloud software.

Time explained there is no one dominant cloud model. Some companies are simply purchasing software for their use, while others are building whole environments on third-party resources. The connecting thread, the source explained, is an increasing desire for the technology. Some clouds are even being built in-house for the private use of the business operating them. Organizations will have to ensure that whatever they create, they are ready to handle the software and not lose efficiency during the change-over process. The fractured cloud scene will mean that adoption works a little differently for each individual business.

The amount of time, money and effort being tied up in cloud computing will spike this year, as Time pointed out. The source cited research by Forrester indicating that the figure will be $87 billion in 2015, and that only includes Software-as-a-Service applications. With this much focus on the technology, there is a great deal of pressure on IT departments and others throughout businesses to ensure everything goes as planned. Fortunately, the fact that cloud models are rising worldwide should make certain there are concerted efforts to understand the related best practices and embrace them where possible. Anything less could lead to problems.

A new paradigm for enterprise IT is emerging, and it's entirely cloud-based.
A new paradigm for enterprise IT is emerging, and it's entirely cloud-based.

Staying aware
A recent Healthcare IT News report focused on the increasing use of cloud-based tech in the very sensitive medical industry. The source quoted a Citrix Synergy presentation by Jackson Health System Connie Barrera, who pointed out a few of the big goals associated with the new wave of technology, including better workflows and data security. She underlined the need for staff members to actually be prepared to deal with these systems, as it could be problematic to introduce IT components that don't align with the processes and procedures. A lack of systems training during such an important hand-off could cause organizations to miss their goals, whatever the industry.

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