Tomorrow's Branded Digital Publications: Content-Rich, Mobile-Ready

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Tomorrow's Branded Digital Publications: Content-Rich, Mobile-Ready

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 29th Sep 2014

Creating compelling informational materials that draw eyes to a business has been a priority since long before the dawn of digital content. Now, however, digital channels are the dominant way of disseminating promotional and marketing information. Understanding format and content requirements will help companies connect with their client bases and impart their messages, whether they operate in the B2B or B2C sectors. Today, that largely means coping with users who are digital natives and not necessarily using legacy hardware to interact with information.

Digital publications gaining steam
According to ClickZ, organizations are enhancing their reputations with complex digital-enabled magazines that include interactive features and rival publications not issued for marketing purposes. Content production can take many forms, and this is one of the more high-intensity offerings available, combining the look of a sophisticated magazine and the digital features that create a connection between young viewers and a favorite brand.

The news provider cited victories by brands such as Red Bull, which ran a print magazine before deciding to go digital. The source noted that the company operates its own application as an alternative way to deliver this content and has huge circulation, meaning its branded messages can reach people in a persistent fashion without leaders needing to buy space in other publications. As far as other brands go, the source noted that some magazines built with mobile devices in mind are tied to online stores, enabling a direct sales funnel.

ClickZ specified companies interested in using a complex magazine as a content distribution channel of choice should ensure that it has a unique and strong identity due to the information oversaturation going on today. With so many things to read, watch, listen to and interact with, the importance of hooks has only grown over the years. If there is no reason to read something, no one will do so.

Marketing strategies go mobile
Not only has long-form content gone mobile, it appears just about every type of advertising is going to be available on smartphones and tablets. The Drum reported that a Goo Technologies study carried out among U.S. consumers found that mobile ads and video offerings are the types most widely expected to come out of the current era intact. On the other hand, outdated methods of spreading messages, such as the once-ubiquitous pop-up, are seen as anachronisms. Consumers realize how much of their information-gathering is done through mobile channels and expect marketing efforts to target them through these phones and tablets.

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