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PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform

ntelligent technology for monetizing digital content

Effectively competing in today’s publishing market requires a new a level of operational agility, as your readership demands dynamic content that can be quickly and easily accessed via a range of media, including – Web, print, eReaders, smart phones, tablets and PCs.

Aptara’s web-based PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform delivers superior XML-based technology, production services and agility by supporting your existing production model while enabling the authoring, editing, compiling, management, and delivery of content to all mediums—from a single content source. Position yourself to stay ahead of the technology curve and profit from a rapidly expanding digital content marketplace.

PXE offers the fastest implementation path possible to multi-channel publishing, enabling you to achieve efficiency gains and cost savings early and in-house, while enjoying the benefits of increased production capacity and flexibility.

Key Benefits of PXE

  • Content production cycle times reduced by up to 75%
  • Parallel outputs to tablets, eReaders, PCs and print
  • Mobile publishing support for all formats and devices (including EPUB, HTML, HTML5, and XML)
  • Direct integration with InDesign 5/5.5 ensures changes in source content are reflected in PXE
  • Supports existing workflows, minimizing implementation and staff disruption
  • Integrates content creation, editing and formatting into a streamlined workflow
  • Eliminates traditional manual-intensive editing environments and processes
  • Avoids the need to retrofit traditional production processes for new digital products

With PXE you benefit from the speed and flexibility of digital-first content production. Combining customized XML-based workflows with selective task automation, PXE enables you to build and manage a powerful content production process and repeatedly satisfy your customers’ demands for rich new content—how, when, and where they want it.

Agile Technology

Aptara PXE is built on a web-based platform, enabling seamless collaboration between subject matter experts (SMEs), reviewers and content professionals across the entire production workflow, resulting in efficient content supply chains and adherence to project schedules by enabling:

  • Collaborative content editing and review via a web-based environment
  • A customizable content workflow management system
  • Interoperability with other content management systems
  • Specialized mark-up of subject matter for multi-channel distribution
  • Enhanced version control, allowing users to compare and revert to any prior document version
  • Controlled access and DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  • Email based notifications and reports to users
  • A cross-platform and cross-browser environment

Future-proof your process and technology while leveraging new revenue opportunities in today’s dynamic, digital market with PXE4!