Driving organizational performance...

If you’re under pressure to improve both organizational performance and ROI, you need an experienced partner with expertise in every aspect of corporate learning and performance.

Aptara blends best-in-class learning solutions with innovative digital technology and flexible resourcing models that meet your performance goals measurably and quickly, without expanding your permanent staff.

…with a single expert partner

Aptara’s learning services portfolio of proven instructional design methodologies encompasses the entire learning and performance life cycle:

  • Learning analysis, strategy, and blueprinting
  • On-demand workforce resourcing
  • Learning content development
  • Learning technology architecting, implementation, and support
  • Mobile learning technology development and deployment
  • Content digitization and redesign
  • Learning management and administration services

…and unmatched expertise

Our competencies include cutting-edge technologies like eLearning, scenario-based simulations, social learning portals, interactive labs, and gamification—engaging solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your learners.

Aptara specializes in the conversion and redesign of legacy training materials into flexible, future-proofed digital learning content. Our eMigration strategies transform legacy content into dynamic learning products for delivery to any platform or device.

Our solutions give your learners on-demand access and real-time updates, and your organization benefits from the added, scalable capacity to conveniently support global learning while reducing workloads and costs. 

…that yields measurably improved outcomes.

Quantify our success by your outcomes: everything that Aptara designs and builds includes measurable metrics so that you can assess results and ROI easily and accurately.

Your partner in the global marketplace

As a single provider that handles planning, design, development, implementation, and support, we become our clients’ long-term collaborative partner and advisor. Throughout Aptara’s 25-year history, we’ve developed engaging, effective, and cost-saving learning programs for hundreds of companies, including Deloitte, KPMG, Tyco, American Express, Xerox, Hilton, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 
Contact us to discuss elevating your organization’s capacity to improve the performance of your entire workforce—while measurably improving company-wide revenues.

Services and End Products

Learning development strategies for adaptive, social, and global learning. Learning content for mobile apps and games, knowledge portals, and eLearning systems. Plus the learning management system technology and administrative services to support it all: