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Digital Content Development

Digital Content Development

Design & Develop - eBooks, apps, websites, and eMagazines.

Keeping up with digital natives

The proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders makes it challenging to satisfy growing appetites for smart digital content. 

From product documentation and training to books, magazines, research reports, and financial data, the information traditionally delivered via print or simple digital files must now be created, edited, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices.

Meeting this challenge requires agile editorial and production capabilities and the right mix of digital content and technology expertise. But building and sustaining this capability in-house can be costly and frustrating—new devices, evolving content-formatting standards, and condensed product life cycles routinely change the rules of the game.

Digital products for market leaders

A digital publishing leader for 25 years, Aptara excels in getting engaging digital content products to digital consumers faster and more cost-effectively. Aptara’s wide-ranging subject matter experts deploy smart content technologies across every aspect of production—and produce the entire spectrum of digital end products, including eBooks, apps, websites, and eMagazines.

Aptara helps industry leaders such as HSBC, Deloitte, Baxter, Cisco, and Random House and Pearson with their digital production needs, freeing them to do what they do best, be it banking, consulting, healthcare, technology, or publishing. Aptara’s digital content solutions deliver measurable results while minimizing operating costs and overhead.

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Services and End Products

A suite of end-to-end services to efficiently produce information, from product documentation to best-selling eBooks, medical journals, magazines, and apps, and deliver it to customers and readers on smartphones, tablets, eReaders—and ink-and-paper products: