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Artwork & Graphic Design

Great content deserves great design

Aptara provides a full range of design, illustration, and photography services for print and interactive product development. Our team includes in-house artists and animators, designers and design directors, and image managers who research and secure illustrations from a worldwide network of well-known artists and other sources.

Our artists have deep experience with industry-leading page layout applications, vector- and raster-based illustration and photo retouching software, graphing packages, and computational software programs used for complex scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computer science applications. They include 3ds Max, Sound Forge, Captivate, and the complete set of Adobe applications: InDesign, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Aptara’s specific artwork and graphic design services include:

  • Prototype development and conceptual design
  • Storyboarding
  • Interactive design
  • Print and packaging design
  • Websites and wireframes
  • Realistic, scientific, technical, and anatomical illustration
  • Infographics and maps
  • Children’s books characters
  • Avatars and icons
  • CGI/animation

We also handle wholesale redesigns for websites, magazines, and books.

Talented artists for every industry

Be it a website redesign, corporate imagery for a shareholder report, or hand-drawn illustrations for a seventh-grade chemistry lesson, our design teams—comprised of artists with industry- and discipline-specific experience—will realize what you envision. Whatever your custom artwork or design needs, print or digital, Aptara can design it, create it, and manage it.