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Media Research, Rights & Permissions

The right rights

Aptara’s Media Research & Rights and Permissions team provides leading media, corporate, and advertising companies unprecedented insight into the ever-expanding world of sourcing and securing rights in developing digital content. We use our expertise to ensure that all of your rich media assets—images, text, streaming video, audio, animations—are visually and legally compliant.

Seek and find

As a global partner, we leverage our experience and best practices to provide a service that measurably increases performance and reduces cost and liability. Comprised of hundreds of asset researchers who are well versed in the legal discourse of media procurement, our dedicated rights and permissions specialists:

  • Identify public domain and fair-use content

  • Clear rights

  • Handle new contractual agreements

  • Catalog data to facilitate its future use

  • Research analog and digital assets and acquisitions

  • Project Manage the entirety of the rights and permissions process

In fact, Aptara manages more than 500,000 assets annually.

Aptara’s experts help you acquire, repurpose, and manage your content responsibly.