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Author Marketing


The explosion of self-publishing and independent publishing has created both an opportunity and a challenge for authors. Never before has it been so easy to publish a book, and yet self-published and professionally published authors alike struggle to understand, engage, and grow their audience.
Market Analysis
Leveraging best practices, tools, and methodologies utilized by professional product marketers, Aptara performs in-depth analysis on an author’s audience and the audiences of authors’ creating similar content. Using a data driven approach, Aptara helps authors understand the scope of their audience, the demographic and geographic distribution of their audience, and the buying patterns of their audience.
Marketing Strategy
Beyond providing an understanding of an author’s audience, Aptara equips authors to engage their audience with customized physical marketing recommendations, digital marketing recommendations, and messaging recommendations.
Marketing Training
Aptara’s Marketing Managers provide training to authors to help them understand not only best practices for growing their audience, but also how to execute the customized strategy developed by Aptara—at the completion of our market analysis and throughout an author’s marketing campaign.