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Content Architecture

Delivering content to your customers on demand via any device they choose requires smart content: content in the right format with the right structure, based on a content architecture that’s part of a larger content strategy. A foundational content architecture facilitiates agile production and distribution of content on today’s—and tomorrow’s—digital devices.

Author once. Deliver many.

Aptara’s content architects can solve the most challenging print-to-electronic content repurposing and production puzzles. Whether it begins life as print or digital, and whether you’re developing eBooks, eManuals, or apps, Aptara’s expertise allows you to author enriched, agile content—once—and then deliver it to multiple channels quickly and affordably.

We know the right schemas for storing well-structured, efficient, and dynamic digital end products that meet the needs of your business and your readers.

Our solutions architects are versed in all industry-specific schemas across a variety of document types that include:

  • HTML5
  • XBRL
  • STP
  • ISO 12083
  • TEI Lite
  • DocBook
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012
  • Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS)
  • Ovid DTDs

Yesterday’s content tomorrow

Retrofitting yesterday’s print content for digital, or inventing an in-house content strategy, lengthens production times and spikes costs.

Aptara’s experts recommend content schemas and develop foundational architectures for storing well-structured, efficient, and dynamic digital content that meets the needs of your business and customers—today and going forward.

And as industry specifications evolve, Aptara’s skill sets evolve, ensuring that you’re always in step with current, industry-wide best practices.