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Content Design

As corporations strive to remain technologically relevant, many are experiencing a wake-up call: most of their content is not designed to be read on mobile devices.

In the past, you had to worry only about optimizing websites for different browsers. Now, content comes in many more flavors, and the universe of devices includes tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.

Add to this complex equation another variable: a new generation of “digital natives” who expect interactive and engaging content on the device of their choice.

Transforming the user experience

By leveraging the latest mobile and graphics technologies, interactive content transports readers beyond the printed page, deepening the impact of the written word through captivating experiences.

Aptara’s award-winning content architects, instructional and interactive designers, and CSS and HTML5 experts have designed and created more than 1 million interactive eBook pages for every type of content, from textbooks and software manuals to romance novels and medical journals.

Designing now for later

An effective responsive design strategy ensures that readers experience the same content in the same way on any device. A great responsive design strategy automates the process through which those experiences are created.

Aptara designs your content right. The first time.

Rather than constructing a rigid foundation that requires recoding and reprogramming for different media, Aptara uses HTML5 to build a flexible infrastructure that optimizes your content automatically for delivery to the consumer via any media. Coded correctly, the same file delivered to a browser plugs seamlessly into the shell of a tablet or smartphone and is rendered by a device-specific, user-friendly GUI.

And that’s the kind of user experience your users expect.